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Games Night Report 21/08/2013

A late report due to technical issues but it was written so I'm posting!!
Might get some pics sorted too....

Chee-ti, leader of the chameleon skinks, waved to his troupe and they scurried in a zig zag motion from the cover of the tree line. After weeks of scouting for Lord Criz’dalueze the bloated they had finally come to the location of one of the lost spawning pools of the Old World.
Lord Criz had led his army via ancient, secret ways to the Old World on an expedition to find and recover these lost sites and so far the journey had proved fruitless. Cheet-ti sniffed the air and his scaled lips wrinkled as a foul odour hit his nostrils. The Spawning pool had been corrupted and was now little more than a noxious sludge, Lord Crizda’dalueze search had again proved futile.

Suddenly the loud blast of a horn erupted from the opposite tree line followed by the sound of something, or things, large crashing through the trees.
Chee-ti sent one of his troupe back to warn the lizard army following in his wake and led the rest of his scouts to the nearest cover just as 2 towering beasts, the Ghorgon of Old World legends, burst into view. As the 4 armed beasts scanned the clearing the beastman warband also broke cover just as the swirling morning mists cleared to reveal Lord Criz’dalueze and his strangely red coloured lizard army.
So incensed by the desecration of the ancient pool Lord Criz briefly stopped ruminating and cogitating on mathematical averages to signal the attack……………

 2500 pts of Lizards (new book) vs Beastmen (really old book!)

Forces (or thereabouts)

Slann 24 temple guard
30 saurus, hand weapons
30 saurus, spears
Ancient Stegadon
3 Salamanders (apparently not as good in the new book….)
6 chameleon skinks

Beastlord, plenty of kit
Shaman, lvl3 Death magic
kitted out BSB, banner of discipline
24 Bestigor
37 Gor, 2 hand weapons
5 minotaurs
15 gor (ambushing)
2 Ghorgons

The scenario was the random deployment one which ended with a saurus unit badly left on a flank and the minotaurs and chariot spilt off from the main beast units.
 A summary of events:
• Turn 1, not a lot happened on either’s turn as the magic was low and only a few missiles to speak of.
• The ambushers turned up on the beast right, able to support the chariot and minotaurs.
• A Saurus unit charged one ghorgon and were surprised by how tough he was as 8 of their number fell and left them stuck in combat, ready for the 2nd ghorgon charge!
• Chameleon skinks kept peppering bestigor with poisoned darts as salamanders flamed them and ate some skinks.
• Turn 2 hit….boy did it hit!
• The 2nd ghorgon charged the saurus and the other units got themselves into better positions.
• Beast Magic phase, straight 12 for power dice!
• One spell was attempted, and dispelled.
• Purple sun was read, again, and the 2 stegs advancing next to each other were looked at, again, the card was read, again. I briefly wrestled with my conscience and then picked up 5 dice and hollered “purple sun!!!”
• 5 dice rolled and the total was……whatever there’s 2 6’s! Irresistible force!
• Template placed and distance rolled, straight over the 2 stegs….
• A brief read of the rules and stats (Initiative 1 and 2….) and the Lizard lord rolled……
• …..Too high and the horned monsters were dragged into the magical vortex, never to be seen again…..
• Back at the beastman side of the table the miscast was rolled and the shaman, unable to contain the roiling energies, blew about and then imploded taking several startled gor with him
• The 2 ghorgon pulped the saurus unit (although one was left with 1 wound) and chased the fleeing champion and hero, crushing them, towards the lizard lines.
• Shock and awe!
• The purple sun was now sitting ominously next to the temple guard unit and ghorgon with an outside chance of the minotaurs taking a the hit
• Lizard turn and they manoeuvred (back a bit) to get ready for the beast charge
• The slann blew the wounded ghorgon apart with magic
• End of the magic phase the purple sun moves…… (go Frazer)
 The dice are rolled and the vortex moves right over the back ranks of the waiting temple guard and saurus units killing 8 and 10 respectively……
• Salamanders burnt a lot of bestigors to a crisp…
• The rest of the game is largely mopping up as the lizard units had the fight beaten out of them. The remaining Ghorgon charges the temple guard and takes several with before falling.
• The saurus spear unit ignore the minotaurs to their front and pull a bendy charge on the gor ambushers, breaking them and overrunning, out of minotaurs charge arc…?
• No! The minotaurs pull a bendy charge on the saurus spear’s rear, mashing them up!
• Finally the large beast unit with attendant beastlord and Gorebull charged the depleted temple guard and slann and slap the old one of them
• The scaled hand of defeat is offered…… There was still potential for the lizards to cause problems (salamanders were still going!) but It was getting late the conclusion was unlikely to change. A very interesting and entertaining game.

New lizard book slightly untested.

As the last of the skull wearing temple guard were hacked down a loud braying shout went up from the Beastlord. This was soon copied by the warband, many of who were already dashing to the trees to cut branches for a fire. They will dine on frog tonight!

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