Sunday, 8 September 2013

Warhammer Big Game

Every so often, as a club we organise a massive game with multiple players on each side with a large amount of models, we've done it with Warhammer 40,000, Bolt Action and this time it was Warhammer.

In the past we have found that the time invested in sorting a scenario, creating army lists, painting new units and creating special pieces of scenery, is usually undone when the battle begins. Either one side dominates  or the scenario, that looked good on paper, is just not that good in practice.

So it was with trepidation, that we decided to give a big game another go, pitting Klepo Elliot and Cortez's Skaven against Binx, Zed and Lordybloke's combines '3 flavours' of Chaos (Daemons, Warriors and Beastmen)

So with the size of battle, 6000pts a side, and the scenario, XXXXXX, chosen, we got under way, little did we know that once again one of our big games wouldn't quite be what we were expecting.

We adopted a blind deployment with a sheet draped over the table, and above is the view once this was removed.
The Invading Skaven forces were bet by an oblique Chaos line, deployed ready to defend the blasted lands.
The battlefield was a bit of a Skaven car park, but in the knowledge that they had the first turn the Skaven players were ready to take it to the forces of Chaos


After the initial Skaven move, the Daemons of Chaos, charged into their line. Daemonnettes took on a Doomwheel and the Plague Bearers some Nightrunners
With the Daemons taking it to the Skaven line, the Sorcerer of Tzeentch joined in the fun, blasting the 60 strong unit of Stormvermin, with a blast of the warp

The blast of psychic energy ripped through the Stormvermin and they fled from the battlefield. Meanwhile, the Plague Flies, and Beast of Nurgle both destroyed their respected targets

This is the scene at the end of turn one with large sections of the Skaven line already missing. This did leave the Plague Flies in the open ready for a Rat Ogre charge , which they would make, and would destroy the Flies, only to then be charged by the Daemonnettes.

Meanwhile on the left flank the Fiends of Slaanesh and Harpies both await a charge from the Hell Pit Abomination

End of turn two, the centre of the Skaven line had all but disappeared, the remaining bell pushing clanrats awaiting to be hit by a mix of beastsmen and Chaos Warriors.
The Daemonnettes had gone through the line and were getting ready to do what they do best, and attack from the rear. The Plague Bearers and Plaguemonks took each other on, whilst the Soul Grander and Gorgon backed them up.
As the dust settled and the tea and cake was consumed, one of the Skaven generals, Cortez, called the game, deciding that it would be an uphill struggle. As the clock struck 1 (am) all players discussed what they expected would happen and it was decided that a Chaos victory was the likely result.
So another big game was over, this time in 2 turns. While we once again wondered if we would ever have a competitive big game, a rematch was pencilled in for later in the year. If the armies will be the same is yet to be decided, but one thing is for sure, what ever turns up, it will once again be a game that is different to the norm....

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