Sunday, 22 December 2013

End of year report

Wednesday gaming is done for the year, its been full of new games, some games not being played as much as in previous years and much passing of the tea hat.

As well as the running figures, on the right side of the blog, I have compiled some other interesting stats for 2013.

Tea Hat

From the table it appears the Tea Hat was mainly on 4 of the Lonewolve's heads during the year, with Zed holding onto 5th place.

Below is the Hat to Tea ratio (minimum 10 hat wears), with Binx 'winning' with 0.311 teas made per hat wear.

Cyrus 2150.238

With some slight changes to the tea hat rules, who will 'win' in 2014?

Games Won

In 2012 we kept a record of wins, draws and losses for each of the club members. This turned out to divide the camp with thoughts that a league was making some of us more competitive and ruining the more social and relaxed atmosphere of a Wednesday night.

As an experiment, in secret, I kept track of the game results again this year, to see if this theory held any substance and the results are below.

% of Games Won
2012 2013
Cyrus 55.56 Cyrus 55
Lordybloke 62.5 Lordybloke 52.38
Binx 39.38 Binx 44.23
Cortez 30.95 Cortez 36.17
Elliot 29.41 Elliot 34.09

As you can see four of the six regular attendees improved their win percentage by around 5 percent, Cyrus returned an almost identical result and Lordybloke dropping by about 10 percent.

I'll let you draw your own conclusions from this highly unscientific data.


This year, I'll once again keeping track of the tea making and the games played and updating the blog weekly. I wont be looking at win percentage this year, but will be keeping track of all the results in any World War two games.
I wont be tracking the individual players, but instead whether the Allies or Axis sides are more victorious over the year, purely to see if, in the garage, history repeats itself.