Monday, 3 February 2014

Afghan Compound

Binx and had our first game of Skirmish Sangin last week.  I had some modern troopers and Binx had some world war 2 Germans.  We fought over some Normandy houses.

As a game it was great and very lethal.  As a spectacle it was weak.  Not as weak as Cortez suggesting up turned rhinos could be drop pods but then again what is :o)

So Binx ordered some Taliban from Empress, I have everything in the recent Empress Kickstarter to choose from when it arrives any day now.  So we will be sorted for figures next game. 

So I started some terrain.  I saw a post on 15mm terrain and eventually it lead me to another blog; so I used it as inspiration and came up with this.

Still some bits and pieces to do and of course paint but it's a good start.  I will post again once complete.

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