Friday, 21 February 2014

Battlegroup Kursk - Middle of the Action Report

Here we are midway through a 500 (ish) point game between Lordybloke's Soviets, veterans of over a dozen battles and Ellioto's Panzergrenadiers in there second only battle. 
Bottom left sees the Soviet entry onto the battlefield, the Soviet commander skulking in his Gaz Jeep hoping that the artillery will leave him be.  A diminished soviet tank rider squad is pinned by their objective.  The German Panzer Ace 'Double Top' in the Stug III arrives in the corner top right and blasts away with no effect.

An IL-2 Sturmovik strafes the road.  This is it's second pass; it missed the target with its cluster bombs on the first pass.

The Axis scored an early success when a pre-registered target point pinned an armoured column and tank riders dismounted as a Pak40 opened up, at extremely long range, on the disorganised unit but fail to knock out anything.

Soviet Infantry come on from reserve.  Without transport it will be along and potentially lethal journey to the catch up with the lead armoured elements.

A T70, T34 and SU122 form an adhoc unit and start a duel with a Panzer IVG and Stug III.  At some point somebody is going to score a hit and then the laughter will stop.

On the Soviet left flank the remaining armour spearheads an assault into the undefended village.  Will the gamble of leaving the infantry behind pay off for Lordyboris. 

 A German infantry squad take cover in the church moments before its transport is machine gunned into flames

The Panzer IV's caught on the road have been lucky so far, another infantry squad bounce along the fields hoping they can make it into the village before the Soviets arrive

More next week....


  1. Aieeee!! The colours.....

    Bases are loaded and the next turn could be crucial!

  2. Nice looking fight!

    Good to see more BGK.