Friday, 6 June 2014


As Carl Douglas once said "everybody was kung fu fighting" and for me, Binx & Lordy this certainly is the case....although I'm not sure any of us are as fast as lightening anymore.

Back in April the lonewolves all rolled up on salute at the London Excel (£15 for parking!!!!!)
while I was there, with very little knowledge of the game I purchased the rule book for Osprey Games' "A Fist Full Of Kung-Fu" and a box of the martial artists models.

Me and Binx have had one game already, where his SWAT team shot my martial artists to bits. The game is great fun, not really to be taken too seriously as its meant to re-enact the (usually) over the top scenes seen in Japanese action films....think exploding cars in the back ground while the bloody protagonist walks into shot smoking a cigar and holding a pistol, as well as being round-housed kicked in the face, falling into a tropical fish tank, causing it to break and cause glass and water to be all over the floor making it more difficult to move etc.
*I wont get into the dinosaurs and human monkey hybrids* they are in all their glory...

 The power rangers
Kung fu master, (definitely not) Bruce Lee & (definitely not) Ryu from Street Fighter

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  1. looking good. next Wednesday is lap sau drill by the way