Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Tau.....An Unexpected Journey

I'm not really too sure how this happened!

I'll start from the beginning....I was bought some Tau models approx. four years ago, and not long after I was introduced to Warhammer Fantasy, that then took my attention away from 40k (and my Tau) after fantasy is was any one of SAGA models, 28mm WW2 Models, 15mm Germans, Cowgirls or Warmachine that took my attention away from my Tau, i even managed to bash out a Grey Knights army before even assembling any of them.

Lordy will tell you, i have been boring him for a long time about my Tau and how i couldn't find a colour scheme i was happy with...i tried Green and various shades of Blue.....looked crap....Red and Yellow....yellow is a pain to make look good...Blue and Red....Red and White, the list goes on and on...i was always planning on doing them, i bought the new codex on release day and have even written various lists, but i still couldn't get a colour scheme that i was happy with.

Friday was the last chance saloon for my Tau, if it went wrong the remaining models that were not ruined by my trying a paint scheme would be luckily this was the outcome.

To say i am happy with the outcome is an understatement...i feel it is the best model i have ever done, i like the colours and i think the white snowy base contrasts nicely with the Blue of the Tau.
This is going to be a slow project as i want to take my time and hopefully they will all look as good as this one.