Sunday, 7 September 2014

Panda Cars of IHMN

I was looking for a suitable 'police car' for my In Her Majesties Name Scotland Yard force, and after much internet investigations, went for these beasts from Ramshackle Games.

They took a little while to arrive, but this could be that Ramshackle appears to be one bloke in his shed! Surprisingly they come in very few parts, just the hull, four wheels and the hatch. The moulding was a little suspect in some places, but nothing attacking it with a knife and a bit of Green Stuff couldn't fix.

So here they are; both resplendent in white, with a few police like markings. They aren't 100% finished as they both need machine guns, but I haven't been able to find anything I like yet, once I do I'll let you know


  1. I like em but think they would benefit from a little weathering, particularly rust/oil etc, to aid the steampunk feel.
    But if you're happy......

  2. Thanks! There is some oil running from some bolts and oxidation on the metal that hasn't come out on the photos