Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Appeal of Chaos

*Cue sad, poignant music - X Factor style, something by Coldplay or Snow Patrol should do it*

Many people are drawn to this hobby, sadly not all are able to bring an army to the table whether its cost, modelling ability or sheer idleness.

A recent convert, lets call him him MDN to not reveal his true identity, is having some of these issues and hasn't been able to use his own Chaos army......

*cue uplifting finish, "lights will gui i ii iii de you......" etc*

This is all changing, thanks to Simon the constructor and myself.
I have donated to Mat..errr..MDN's army to help him bring his own models to a games night and if you can spare even one Chaos model, please, please bring this to Ma...err..MDN.

Thank you.

*fade out*

Only having a laugh!
I've been thinking of anything I own I could give to Matt to give his army a boost. 40K chaos is about the only thing I don't have anything of!
Then I came across a Sorcerer Lord I started ages ago and decided I'd finish it off and give it to him.

 (not as red in real life, dodgy camera on phone etc)

Its made from leftovers of a chaos terminator lord kit I used to make a new Abaddon (see below) as the old one looked a bit "tired" and was something I though would be a fun little project.

All I needed was some legs (bits and kits) and the rear torso (made out of green stuff and largely hidden by the cloak and other bits) and I was good to go.
I had ideas of doing a 40K Thousand sons army based on the Pre Heresy colours hence the red and silver. This was abandoned a long time (who knows what the future brings!) though.
Its not based as this can be done once Matt has a theme/scheme for his army.


No, I haven't made this entire post just to state how fantastically generous I am.......

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  1. Well Lordy you are so very very generous..........just one question. Who's this MDN you keep mentioning, I thought I was sticking stuff for NDM??? Either way good work on the Sorcerer looks great.