Sunday, 26 April 2015

Hobby Round up Week 17

A busy week of building models, with a little bit of painting.
We'll start with Simon who has been on a construction mission.
We have some Chaos Warriors, converted to Khorne using the left overs from some Juggernauts
He also managed to get some paint on some more Terminators

Some of our Guild Ball Kickstarter figures turned up, here are Simon's Masons, ball and goal

Simon loves a bit of Wild West action, his Salute purchases have increased his gang count to two

And finally a Doctor for Dead Mans Hand, another figure from Salute.
Frazer has been busy finishing off some more models for Dave, we'll hopefully see the finished package next week. This weekend as well as being the very generous taxi driver to Salute, he has been sorting out his Guild Ball figures, one team for him and one for Matt
With no Guild Ball figures to distract him Neil has been painting Soviets. The picture may be blurry but I can confirm that these figures will allow Neil to field a fully painted Chain of Command force.
And finally, Chris has been painting some Drop Zone Commander figures for Dave, and will have a finished set of pictures next week. In the mean time here are some Mortician Guild Ball figures that he has built. 

Come back later this week for our Salute report, with so many pictures, you'll think you are there!

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