Sunday, 12 July 2015

Hobby Round up Week 28

It's Sunday again, Wimbledon has finished and the school holidays have either just begun, or almost on us depending on where you live. Welcome to our hobby update!
Big Papa has been working in multiple scales; the first few shots are on some 6/10mm scenery he has made, and some self sculpted 10mm 40k figures for scale

Back to 28mm and some Jungle bases, mounted on 40mm poker chips

Big Papa has also been continuing with his Guild Ball players, this time its Ox
And finally this week for Big Papa, a 28mm Egyptian scenery piece, which is heading to eBay to fund future projects

Simon has started his 7th Guild Ball Mason, hopefully soon we'll see a Mortician and Mason contest again on a Wednesday

After finishing his Tau army, Elliot has been making some progress on his Malifaux collection. 
Chris has also been working on some Malifaux, here we have three Monks of the Low River 

Chris has also been building some Deadzone scenery, in preparation for a future battle, hopefully in a few Wednesdays time.

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