Sunday, 28 June 2009

New Recruits

Imperial guard Praetorians: you can't get em from GW anymore (although if this rumour from BOLS turns out to be correct then that may change!) and Ebay prices are huge!
So what do you do if you want more troops? Substitute!

I saw an auction on Ebay for some British "Zulu" troops and took a bit of a punt that they'd be the right scale.
When they turned up I was pleased to see they are about the same scale, although a little slighter, as the GW praetorians.
A few 40K bits here and some epaulets there and once they're painted you'll never know the difference!
Apart from the different style of lasgun
Oh, and the greenstuff sausage fingers....etc!
Anyway the upshot is I've got a whole new platoon for £20!

By the way the actual praetorians are the far right and far left, in case you couldn't tell!!