Sunday, 7 June 2009


Finally got around to painting my Russ.
I've had this Russ for many a year and never fully painted it (this is the 3rd scheme so far!). This is also the first time its ever had tracks on!
Quite simple to do to. Desert yellow spray, heavy wash of Devlan mud followed by gryphon sepia. Drybrush with an Iyanden darksun/ bleached bone mix and then line in some more Devlan mud where extra depth is needed.
I've gone for a bit of weathering but tried not to put too much on. I didn't want it to look like its totally fu......alling apart. Just about right I think, not that it stands up to extreme zoom but will look fine on the table!
Still needs some markings/numbers on it but I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with those so it can wait.
So that's the test piece done its time to gluing/painting the rest of the tanks and get the blade out!