Thursday, 30 July 2009


One set (plus one piece from the next) of Planetstrike craters all finished up.

There's a lot of whining about these around t'internet.
Yes GW were naughty and put the resin masters in all their advertising and the detail is not as good as expected but its really not that bad.
5 big terrain bits for about£10, fine by me!
I've tried to paint the top left piece as glowing rocks (meteorites smashing into the ground would be hot!) it just about works!
I think the laserburn in the centre is my favourite though.

Not added any flock to them as yet though for 2 reasons:
  1. My flock no longer matches our tables!
  2. Not entirely sure they should have flock as they represent sudden explosions/burns/rents in the ground

Happy to add or not as is appropriate at a later date.

Incidentally if there were ever a 40K special of "QI" I reckon the following info (stolen from wiki!) would feature:

Laserburn is a set of wargaming rules written by Bryan Ansell in 1980. Written for use with 15 mm sci-fi figures, but also playable with 25mm figures, the laserburn set of rules, published by Tabletop games, is set in a universe where man has reached the stars and the highest pinnacles of technology and is well on his way back to barbarism. The rules consist of 'Laserburn' and four other supplements, still available. A range of 15 mm metal figures were produced for use with Laserburn and are still available.
The rules say Laserburn, sci. fi. combat rules, copyright Bryan Ansell, August 1980, Produced by Tabletop Games
There is a small, but active, internet group promoting and expanding on the limited Laserburn background and rules.[2]
Some elements of the Laserburn rules, such as power and dreadnought armour, bolt guns and jet cycles were carried forward and appear in Warhammer 40,000 by Games Workshop who Ansell worked for in the late 80s onwards.

Hmmmm, quite interesting!


  1. look very good. no flock, i agree with your argument for not

  2. All good, would take the bubbles on the laser burn up to pure white but apart from that, bring on the planet strike

  3. Did try that, looked quite odd though so inked them over again!