Saturday, 25 July 2009

There's a storm brewing

With a Cadian army of just metal infantry and a whole army deal of plastic Cadians sitting about doing nothing they had to used for something.

So far they have been raided for Ogryn weapons ( coming soon) and arms and heads for other projects.

Since the new Codex and the introduction of AP3 Hot Shot Lasguns it was about time I got some Storm Troopers and where better to build them from than my large collection of Plastics

Hopefully they will stand out enough from the metal ones to please some people ( Yes Jabba im looking at you!) , and who knows they may get a transport one day in the future


  1. looking good

    interesting title

  2. Very good!
    Will certainly look different from your metal ones.
    I'd still have swapped the heads for something a little more "stormtrooper" though!
    (got to have a little criticism!)