Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Storms A-Coming.....

Inspired by Binx finished Storm Troopers I thought it was time to get mine done!
I'm still not overly convinced storm troopers are worth their points but word from Imperial Guard high Command is "Storm Troopers, dey tha bomb, yo!" so they're probably worth giving a go.
I've used Pig Iron Productions models for mine as I've been trying to find an excuse to use some for a while now. They're painted to fit in with my Praetorians, more or less. Also realised halfway through they'll match my Witch hunter scheme too! Good work me!
The camo was done using the sponge technique, similar to vehicle weathering, with scorched brown and white. It just about works although some look like they've doing a spot of DIY before kitting up for patrol! I'd definitely try it again anyway.
The Sgt has a "Ramshackle games" head which has a (golden) face mask. I had planned to give them all similar heads but when I got all the bits decided the Pig Iron heads were superior.


  1. Hmmm

    sorry to say I don't like them

    maybe in the flesh I might change my mind

  2. I like them.

    Camo scheme has worked very well. Definately give sponging camo a go in the future

  3. Ohhhh...

    1 for 1 against!
    Fair enough!
    What is it you don't like about them Mr Binx? Just out of curiosity.
    I plan to make my drop troop army out them!! After my traitor guard army of course, which is after....

  4. Looking at the a 2nd time they're not so bad.

    Maybe its the phat highlights, maybe its the decorators trousers.

    Who knows

  5. Yes the black highlights look terrible in the photo! A little lazy when I did them too!
    I'm happy though!