Sunday, 28 March 2010

Cunning Stunts

Its that time of the year again, the Blood Bowl Grand Tournament XLIX is almost upon us and for the 1st time two Lone Wolves are making the trip.

This year I decided I'd go for Dwarfs and so the Bearded Wonders have been built, painted and now revealed to the world.

I am still finishing off a ball painted in team colours and have a few tankards to put on the display base but they are essentially finished.


  1. Being a fan of warhammer dwarfs, I really like what you have done with these.

    I really like the use of the older edition of bodies. I can see why you would, the newer ones are not known for their pose-ability.

    I think my favourite parts are the re-rolls and turn markers. Nice idea there.

  2. Thanks, Kuffeh. The Blitzers (front middle)are the new plastics but I found a lack of of variety in this set to do much with.
    Managed to get a box of old dwarfs off ebay and had the barrels in my bits box.
    Just gotta see if they perform well in a few weeks

  3. Good work Binx, the Orcland Raiderz will be on soon. Need a few Grot's/Snot's for turn markers and scores etc etc, unless you have a few spare squiq's. Might even go for the scenic base idea too.....

  4. Finish the team AND do a scenic base?! You do realise the tournament is in May? Or are you planning for next year!!

  5. and....
    The painting is nice but I can't look past their outrageously big hands/long arms!!
    Good work though!

  6. Hey don't blame me I didn't sculpt the buggers!

  7. Good work Binx. Counters are great. So much better than cardboard squares! Have you got two runners on the front next to the slayers?

  8. Cheers :O)
    Yeah 2 runners on the far left and right, essentially the same build as the blockers in the 2nd row but without the shoulder pads and smaller Cadian hands....