Monday, 1 March 2010

Yes Miss

Well she was finished last night but slips into March's posts. The final vampire for my army. I said I would get my Wight King done too for this months quota but it hasnt made it in time. It is built and sprayed but not painted.

Im now going to concentrate for the next few months on my Dwarf Blood Bowl team for the Grand Tourniment and the Fortress of Redemption in time for the start of my 40k campaign.


  1. Grrrreat!
    Well done Binx!

    Was anybody "in" for Feb and made it? If so you owe them £1!

    Not pledging for March again but will use it to "warm up" and get back in the swing of it for April!

  2. Just Zed with his Orc Blood Bowl team....

  3. Ah! I guess your £1 is very safe then!!

  4. didn't you pledge more and are short ?

  5. Yeah I didn't hit my quota but neither did you so no one owes anyone anything