Friday, 19 March 2010

Lone Wolves Challenge Cup 2010 The Grand Final

This years final is between the Coffin Dodgers and the Saurian Storm, in what has been a big turn around from last years competition.
In a little know fact the Dodgers and the Kithband Warriors (Cyrus's previous team) came joint bottom in last years competition, the Dodgers reduced to last place due to the Warriors beating them in the season.

The Undead coach Lordybloke will be looking for his 2nd title after winning the challenge cup in the 1st year with Hushut's Purple Helmets.
He has already beaten the Storm this season but history shows that this is not a good omen for the final as in previous years the league result has been reversed in the decider. The Storm will be hoping to take the cup and be the 3rd different winner in 3 years.

As well as the grand final there will also be the announcement of coach of the season as voted for by the head coaches of all 8 teams who began the season.

Lets hope for a good competative game and then the 9 month wait for the 4th challenge cup.


  1. Been drinking? There is a spell checker you know!!

    Anyway, good stato work!

    Just for a recap, who has won the coach of the year in the previous comps?

  2. I won coach of the year in 2008, Tom and Jon were joint coaches of the year in 2009

    Just Tom left to vote this year

  3. Or a 9 month wait for the final!