Sunday, 18 April 2010

Continued Curiousity....

Sooooo, you look at your test trooper Smik and decide you're quite happy with the result BUT you've already started a white scar army and should really finish that first!
What do you do?
Luckily you have about 5 mins before you head off for lunch and know exactly where to find a white trooper Smik (2!) that just needs a bit of red before you can dip him!
Before you know it the pipe grips are swinging again!

Not overly happy with the result, looks a little messier on the white so I'll be sticking to the fine lining pens for the Scars.

Oh well, you've got to try these things!


  1. Looks alright but a little dirty...

    While you were having fun with dip, I've finished another 10 daemonettes, next stop Raptors...

  2. zoom?

    if you touched up the white after the dip you have a winner I think