Monday, 5 April 2010

Kraken Host - Done!

Well it's been a while coming but my Dark Elf army is finished. It started with the Tale of X gamers (also on the blog) and the 1000 point challenge has continued as I got to grips with a gold medal winning bent army.

What I mean by finished is that I have the 2000 point army I set out to build plus a little bit more just to keep eveyone uncertain about what will be on the field of battle each week.  I will continue to add some units; I have just ordred some Daemonettes and some Gargoyles to build some Harpies for example but as my main focus of building, converting and painting it is finished.

What next?  Chaos warband of course, you're not a proper gamer without dabbling with the infernal powers


  1. Jobs a good un!

    You can now add a random unit to it when you feel like it without having to worry about the main force never being done.

    Although I have no plans to add anything to my Lizards, there's still the odd unit here or there I may add to my Vampires.

  2. Excellent work!
    "finishing" an army is always a good feeling.
    Have to throw in some kind of criticism though! Movement trays - are you gonna paint em? Also the witches and scouts could do with having their bases "tied in" with the rest of the army in some way. But I'm sure you were already on it!

  3. bases will be done. Movement trays when i get a moment but will be used for any army so aren't technically required for finishing