Sunday, 18 April 2010


Soooooo, its Sunday afternoon, you're going out for a late lunch and have a bit of time to kill so what happens?
Your mind starts to wander and you wonder what a marine would look like if you dipped it, right?
So you whip out your red spray, find yourself a trooper Smik and before you know it you're waving your pipe grips around trying not to launch Smik up the garden.
Does it work?
I'll leave that decision up to you......


  1. Looks alright to me...

    Not succumbing to the red thirst are you?

  2. three things

    first it works

    second how come we still can't zoom????

    is this the start of your blood angels?

  3. Dunno about the zoom! Must be some odd upload I'm doing?

    Its just to see if it works really though the 750 pts part of the campaign has me thinking!
    I was kind of hoping it really wouldn't work at all so I could forget about it!