Sunday, 27 June 2010

Random Musings: WFB 8th Ed

Soooo I've been looking at some of the (confirmed) rumours for the new edition of warhammer and whilst on the whole I'm waiting to see the finished product for myself I thought I'd pick up on a small point that's changed - army selection.

Its going back to a percentage system.
25% max lords (includes mounts)
25% max heroes
25% MIN core
50% max special
25% max rare

Good thing? Bad thing? I really don't know at this stage but one thing that occured to me is most armies could easily fit 2 lords into a 2000 pt army.
You could get a LOT of goblin lords for 500pts!


  1. I posted this just to drop Zeds Bols outburst down the page!?!?

  2. My test Ogre list (yes they are back at the top of my thoughts) has 2 Lords and 1 Hero.

  3. ha ha ha, you could have deleted it..

    also there are some maximums in those percentages ie, 2 of the same unit selection in the rare selection AND the percentage threshold