Sunday, 24 October 2010

Jezzails for the frugally inclined

I know it's been a while since I raised my head above the parapet, but the guys up here don't play WHFB or 40K, so things have been a bit lax on that front, and army building has kind of dropped off as a result.  Got some nice 10/15mm skirmish forces done, though :)

But, figuring that it would be nice to do some work on a GW model or two, I found an interesting conversion on that got my attention.  Someone had given plastic Clanrats Kroot arms to make Jezzails. Looked okay, if you can accept the long arms and bird-claw hands.

I couldn't accept that, but the left arm was a P.I.T.A.  Still not sure if it looks right...




  1. Took me a while to think why Kroot arms...until I looked Excellent work. Just building and painting for the hell of it?

  2. Thanks Zed. Yeah, Kinda random building and painting. Even if I can't play WHFB, it's still nice to do something related to it now and again. But it's not all bad news. We play a lot of skirmish-type games here, which means I get to actually complete an army/team to play with.

    I'll probably use these guys for Song of Blades and Heroes for now. Once I have mastered dipping, I'll probably scour ebay for Island of Blood Skaven, and put together an army for a trip to Bristol or Glasgow (one of the guys in Greenock is up for going to a doubles tournament if I ever finish an army).

  3. post up anything you have been doing, were not fussy ;o) Lordybloke shows us his ancients every so often

    Dipping, should take you about 20 mins to master it. Lordy and I have cracked a couple of armies with it