Monday, 18 October 2010


In honour of a rare comment from Big Papa (where've you been?!) on Binx' paint station I thought I would post a shot of my paint desk to show we're not all that tidy!

It really does need a tidy up!! I just don't get the time......


  1. Looks tidier than in the old house!

    I don't know how you do it, and for the record my painting table is always as tidy my pic, actually its a little messy than usual on the photo

  2. at some points in the past i've had two paint stations. i have given up on that and now have spread out to establish a paint garage. I'll try sort out a picture

  3. Well, I feel a lot better now! Thanks for sharing your secret painting station shame with me :)

    I used to have two paint stations (one at work and one at home), but now that I simply won't get any painting opportunities at work, I've had to try and combine both collections at home. Over 1000 bottles/pots of various sizes in total!