Sunday, 24 October 2010

Random musings: Suicidal Tendencies

One of my favourite old bands (ST for life!) but also a new tactic for low level wizards?
This article brought it to my mind:
It's not just our group that's noticed it. I've seen Binx and Tomarse use this to some effect (plague furnace into a big hole!) and I'll be honest I'm not sure I'm keen! Seems a bit gamey?
However its going to be a feature of 8th Edition and I'm also not saying I'll never try something similar!


  1. Id love to say its something I've sat down and planned out pre battle. However, it was something that came to mind mid game and it worked a treat

  2. It was something that came to mind when i first read the rules. Gamey. That's all i have to say on that. Next game call your wizard Binx and see if God is Great :o)