Sunday, 17 April 2011

Get yer rat out!

With 3 weeks to spare, my Skaven Blood Bowl team is complete, ( I am doing a discarded bell to go on the base but that isn't important right now). And as it is a nice day out today, some photos taken outside in the sun.
1st game of the Lonewolves Challenge Cup proper is this Wednesday too, so nice to get them out of the way in time for that.


  1. Cool!
    Though I'd have to say some white lines painted on the grass for a bit of bloodbowl-ness would really finish it off.

    Are you planning on doing a thrower?

  2. I know what you're saying about lines but there's something that I cant put my finger on that stops me from doing them.

    *sigh* its the guy at the front with the cigar!

  3. White paint pot?

    Oh! I was expecting big balls and a pointy finger!!

  4. Defiantly got one of them!

    I though I destroyed that video!

  5. Looking good. The thrower is presumably the one with the ball in the front middle. Which ones are the gutter runners?

    I'm sure all the Lonewolves Challenge Cup teams will make an appearance on the blog in their fully painted glory in no time at all...

  6. Well spotted Tom :O)

    The gutter runners are the 4 in the '2nd row' starting the one with the black face mask and open hand and going right.

    Dont worry I'll make sure I confuse you enough in game to be able to score easily

  7. There's gutter runers in there!?!

    Tomarse - I'll race ya to fully painted glory!