Saturday, 16 April 2011

Two One? Who Won?

First match of the BB season proper saw the Dragon Ead Destroyers line up against the Orcland Raiderz.
When they last met in the pre season the orcs kicked the stuffing out of the of the Norse who just about managed to hold it to a draw.

What would the result be this time?

The coin toss was won by the Norse who received and attempted to get the ball moving, very slowly.

The orcs had brought the stuffing knocker outters again and by turn 3 of the first half the Norse were 2 players down on the pitch and remained this way (or much worse!) for the rest of the game.

However a runner managed to break through the orc line and wave frantically at the thrower who mistook the frantic waves for position instructions and promptly threw the ball to where he thought the runner was GOING to be. This ended up right in front of the orc thrower!

Having seen this one of the orc blitzers thought he copy the Norse runner and made a break for it waving randomly at the Orc thrower (who was confused by what skills he had picked up in the last game!) who promptly copied the Norse throwers actions perfectly!

With the ball on the floor in the Norse half Freykell the thrower was able to grab it again, move to a clear line and throw the ball (thank god for the accurate skill!) to the waiting runner who stormed off to the endzone just as the game entered the 2nd quarter.

1-0 Dragon Eads

The Norse kicked off (the KOed bunch staying in their comfy box) and the Orcs came back at them strongly. A spirited defence just managed to keep the orcs out of the end zone for the first half but left the Norse KO box more than a little crowded (at least 6 players!).

The 2nd half kicked off (Norse Ko box down to 3 players!) and again the orcs came on strong.

The lack of bodies on the pitch left the greenskins with plenty of openings to exploit and mid way through the second half they scored.


The Norse KO box stayed around the same level and orcs booted the ball down field once more.

The Norse had a plan, the old switcheroo!

Moving the ball from one side of the pitch to the other very quickly (and aided by a Troll turnover!) left half the orc team out of position and their greater numbers were unable to help.

Norse players threw themselves at the orcs allowing the runners to make their way up field and run in a winning touchdown in the dying seconds of the match.

Norse win 2-1 with a roller coaster ride of a game!

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