Thursday, 21 April 2011

Three for all!

The final game of round 1 of the Lonewolves challenge cup is over and here are the highlights.

Under a sweltering heat an almost capacity crowd of 24,000 fans witnessed a classic encounter between the Skaven and Necromantics.
Last time out the Rats demolished the Undead 5-0, and it appeared history might repeat itself as Th1rt3en took a 2-0 lead after only 4 turns. The relentless heat hindered both teams, especially the dead guys as they had their Golem, a Werewolf and Zombie in the dug out suffering from exhaustion as the 2nd score went in.
With a full 4 turns remaining and 3 of the Skaven team off the pitch suffering from the temperature the Undead managed to grab a late score before the end of the 1st half to keep the game respectable. Meanwhile the Rats were the 1st team to suffer an injury of any note as Lineman Rhiak suffered an injured back and will miss the rats next encounter with the Dark Elves.

As the 2nd half began, so the sun went behind a cloud and perfect Blood Bowl weather greeted the teams, with the Necromantics receiving the ball this time, they slowly marched down the field, helped by a good pass from the crowd, to level the tie up 2 a piece.

With still a good number of turns remaining the Skaven knew they could still take the lead, but a dodge too many saw them drop the ball on half way, seeing their chance to come back from 2-0 down the undead attempted to scoop up the ball and run free to an opening game victory, however, a misjudged go for it saw their defences left wide open and the Skaven were soon 3-2 up with 2 turns left to play.

The Necromantics weren't out of it yet and with the Skaven fielding a very defensive set up, sent every skill player deep into their opponents half hoping they all couldnt be marked. And they were right, as the time ticked away on the game, a surge by a ghoul through the centre and a final push from a werewolf saw them level the game 3-3

A cracking game leaves the Norse at the head of the league after one win out of one.

Next round sees the Dark Elves begin their season against the Skaven and the Orcs take on the Necromantics. All games to be played by the end of May.

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