Saturday, 5 May 2012

From the mountains they came....

Well, its taken a while...but i finally got there.
Here is my fully painted, based, dipped, varnished and flocked Ogre army.

This picture is actually missing my iron cannon, but you get the idea.
I'm really chuffed with this lot as they have turned out really well...

Any no time to dwell.....i have some rats to deal with


  1. Sweet!
    Always good to "finish" (its never really finished!) an army

  2. Nice, they should makes nice amount on eBay

  3. Ha ha, well as I've started winning with them I think even fraz might agree that they are worth keeping now! :-D

  4. Good job my friend it is always very satisfying to finish an army. Too often we run out of steam and move on to something else as a distraction. "I'll come back to it..."

  5. to the pie shop they went...