Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wrack and ruin

Another post, another unit for my Dark Eldar completed, this time its 10 Wracks.

After my praise of how well these finecast beauties had been produced, I will have to retract some of my love for the material.

On closer inspection and after they had been cleaned up, I could see a lot more errors in the cast than previously seen, even so, they have been green stuffed and tidied up and are done and dusted.

Next up, is an Archon and a Haemonculus...


  1. Looking good there, young Chris!

    Have to say I end up conflicted about the custard yellow DE. My mind says "it shouldn't work", but my eyes show that it does.

    Not a big fan of finecast either. Bought some Wracks to convert into thralls for my Blood Bowl Vamps, along with Isabella von Carstein. The detail is good when it's there, but so many casting flaws.