Monday, 7 May 2012

Paint Station

Well it's yet another wonderful May day bank holiday.......rain, rain and more rain. So more time for hobbies....

Seeing as everyone seems to be showing there painting area I thought I'd join the club and post a picture of mine too.

Simple with loads of much space sometimes.

Anyway what have I been upto, well finally finished off a few more of my Crimson Fist heros.

Pedro Kantor with head swap.

My Captain Cortez conversion from many moons longer in his kitchen Clint!!!

And finally my Librarian conversion with storm shield.

p.s.......WIP Space Wolves..........

Right well that is all, I'm off to start some more painting and get ready for another day off tomorrow as it's my birthday....will I get any new toys....highly unlikely seeing as the wife thinks I have more than enough......


  1. Lovely jubly, shame that Cortez has moved out of the cake making business...

  2. What an OCD paint area!

    Look forward to the rest of that space badger army you've started....

  3. Yes there is a slight bit of OCD with a splash of 'just leave it on the desk'.
    As for the space badger comment Mr's a family blog so I'll leave it to your's not clean either!!

  4. Dirty space badger, eh?

  5. I remember the famous "Cortez in the kitchen" model! Talk about a blast from the past :)

    Your painting desk looks really tidy. Surely you get brownie points from the missus for that? Puts my shambles of a painting desk to shame.

    And Happy Birthday, young Simon!