Sunday, 24 June 2012

Viking Shield Transfers

I  bought some Vikings to play saga.  This is my test figure.  What I would like to highlight is the shield.  It is a transfer which results in a far more interesting and detailed shield than I am or ever likely to be able to produce.

I would like to thank Rich at Battle Flag for his excellent service as well as an excellent product.  I asked whether his tranfers were the correct size for the metal shields I have, from gripping beast, he said he would order some and rescale to fit.  Excellent but not the end.  Due to a delay with the shields, not Rich's fault, he supplied twice as many shield transfers as I had ordered and a couple of flags at no extra cost.


  1. very good and excellent service!
    Transfers easy to apply?

    1. as easy as any other transfer I have used.