Saturday, 23 June 2012

Going Berserk!

All this Dark Age action with Saga knocking about got me looking at my Vikings again.
I'm not planning on starting the Viking army until I finish my Celts  (soon?!) but couldn't resist having a go at some models, dipping of course!

They may see action in Saga in the meantime but with a few other Viking warbands on the prowl they may get used as Jomsvikings to be a bit different. Thats only if I fancy a change from the Welsh of course!

First up, berserkers. These boys sit in the viking units until the enemy get close and they can contain themselves no more

and a unit of Ulfhednar. They play differently to berserkers in WAB (more of a skirmish unit) but I'd probably use these models as berserkers in Saga

1 comment:

  1. looking good. i like the blood splatter. i see you green stuffed one up to look like jon..or elliot maybe?