Sunday, 16 September 2012

4Ground 15mm Terrace House Review

With all our games the look of the table is one of the important components of a satisfying game.  We have been dabbling with various manufacturers of 15mm terrain and will no doubt continue to do so but with our latest purchase we have found something rather special in the 4Ground product.

We all range in abilities and interest when it comes to scenery, I for one quite enjoy building and painting scenery but just can't fit it into my schedule, but we are all feeling the pinch especially with our time so we have tried a couple of prepainted buildings.

For £20 the three house terrace comes flat packed. You need to remove each component from the frame; this is easy to do by hand and whilst there is a small amount of cleaning up to do it is easily achieved with a sharp knife or a piece of sandpaper.  Assembly is simple and, as long as you read the instructions and look at the picture, easy to follow each stage.  The only section I found tricky was the two dormer windows in the roof which I used a dab of hot glue to fix, for the rest of the model I used PVA or white glue.  I recommend leaving some time between stages to allow the glue to dry.  Overall it took a hour to complete not including drying time.

Below are a few pictures of the completed project, the doors are supplied brown but I chose to paint and gloss these myself.  The posters on the building are supplied as part of the instructions and I fixed them to the building with some thinned PVA.  My only comment is that I would have liked some prepainted floors for the interior but this is really nitpicking.

Score: 10 out of 10 maison d'hôtes


  1. Brillo! The painting looks more detailed here than on their site too.
    Good choice to paint the doors and the posters are a great touch!
    Bit disappointed you haven't knocked up some scale furniture in balsa to decorate the interior with but I'll let it go!

    1. i was in hobbycraft at the weekend looking at scale carpet and wallpaper

    2. also my wife has pointed out that flower boxes would be easy to do for the windows...