Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Teeny Tiny.....

The Pontipines are friends of mine, although they're very small......

The Teeny Tiny Pontipines, I love em! I could watch those little red fellas mucking about for hours. Waving at their neighbours, the Wottingers or eating their tea on the Ninkynonk or losing their children and not even worrying.
All Brilliant!
I won't go into the sub text of the Pontipines acting out the Soviet oppression of Poland (the Wottingers) through dance and hide and seek I'll let you draw your own conclusions (its all there....)

Anyway this nonsense diatribe is simply a device to make further use of the words "teeny tiny".
From teeny tiny Pontipines to teeny tiny tanks!
Another day and another game/venture. I'm not sure who's to blame for this one but certainly Zed hasn't helped!
Somewhere along the line a great idea was born to play some WW2 games in 6mm. Kursk being mentioned as a back drop.
Zed bought a few 6mm German testers from GHQ (very nice) then Skytrex sent out a 20% off mailer and my goose was cooked (mongo was baked?)!

My order arrived today. Here's what I have, from left to right; T34/85s, SU100s, sturmovik, IS2s, T34/76 (2 turret variants. The differences really show up at this scale!)

Army shot

T34/85s and SU100s

Sturmovik and IS2s

T34/76 s
(D at the front, B at the back for you sticklers!)

Detail is pretty good, not up to GHQ standards but certainly good enough from 3 ft away in a darkened garage!
Rules wise nothing has been decided yet but FOW with move and ranges halved is in the running.
Also quite intrigued to see what Battlegroup: Kursk can offer us when its released.
Just need to paint them now, won't be for a while (hopefully this year though!) and I don't think they'll take too long.

See you in Kursk!

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  1. they do look very good. I will now be looking at additional tanks to purchase

    Soviet infantry?