Thursday, 27 September 2012

Tiger 131 Schwere Abteilung 504

Last Saturday Dave and I went to Bovington Tank Museum for the second of two Tiger days.  This event is for the famous Tiger 131 of Schwere Abteilung 504 captured in Tunisia.  As we had VIP tickets we were able to climb on the Tiger and other Panzers to inspect the interior.  There were a series of lectures and a demonstration in the arena of Tiger 131 – yes it runs – as well as a number of tanks from WWII and beyond.
It was an excellent day and can thoroughly recommend a trip to anyone that has an interest in the origins of the tank and its evolution through to the modern day.

I only had my phone for pictures but have selected the best that I took on the day.  Once Dave has been through his I may add a few more of Tiger 131 to the blog. 

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  1. Excellent photos!
    I must say I'm surprised some of those camo schemes worked though!