Sunday, 25 November 2012


I have not mistyped, this is not a fizzy alcoholic drink.  If you want to know a Laager is a defensive encampment encircled by armored vehicles or wagons.

I have struggled to get any good images of anything I have being doing or completed of late.  Not that I have completed much in truth but I thought I would just take a snap of my paint station.  I am about half way with my Battle Group Kursk force.  I discounted starting 20mm because "I don't want to start from scratch, I'll just use my Flames of War stuff and tweak it a bit"  I honestly believed it at the time.  Anyway the PSC tanks are joy to put together, the Zvezda armoured cars not so much.


  1. I've got a similar area of models on pennies on my painting table and also have the Floorograd tank factory churning out T70s.

    And I've ordered the few extra bits I need so we can play the recon mission for BGK pencilled in for the 5th

  2. I'd better check. I could be short an AT gun

  3. A bit of proxying for a unit or 2 will be ok!