Monday, 19 November 2012

Double Trouble

Warning! This post is very long, but has lots of nice pictures.....

This weekend myself and Elliot travelled to Nottingham to take part in the Warhammer Doubles Tournament held at Games Workshop HQ.
Unsure what to expect, we arrived Saturday morning and got ready for a weekend of 5 games, of what we hoped would be enjoyable games of Warhammer. We collected our gaming pack which included scoring sheet and special bonus objective cards and headed for our first, randomly selected table, where we met our first opponents 'The big green eating machine'.

This Orc and Ogre combination had a similar composition to our force, but also included 2 Mangler Squigs, our first game was not going to be easy, and was made even more difficult as the first mission randomly rolled for was The Watchtower.

Game 1 Deployment begins
In a hard fought game, we were battered! Their huge horde of Savage Orc Big uns ran into the tower and we were never going to get them out, we were wiped out in 6 turns of brutal combat. Not the best start to the weekend but although we lost heavily, the game was still fun.

The miscast hat claims its first victim

Game two saw us face a double lizard force, 'Welcome to the Jungle' and this time the mission was a straight forward battleline.

Our first turn in game 2
With two hordes, one of Saurus and one of Temple Guard, this force looked a little scary, and withtwo pesky salamanders running about anything could happen.
With our Mournfang racing round one flank, trashing everything in their path, the rest of our forces met in the
middle of the battlefield.

After clash of swords, axes, big fists and plenty of death, the ogre and savage orc steam train ploughed straight through the middle of the lizards to get us our first win.

Hat number two!

The final game of day one was a Meeting engagement against Greg and Chris' double Chaos force, I didnt take many photos of this one, but it was a hard fought fight with a couple of turn one charges setting the tone of the fight. In the end the Chaos were victorious but not before there was not a lot left on the battlefield

Game 3 set up
The savage Orcs causing havoc
 Sunday saw game four, where we faced The Daemons and Vampires of 'Painted the night before', with this being dawn attack, units were all over the place, but after we got off to a fast start, things turned in favour of the Josh and Matt as Skulltaker and his Bloodletters and the Vampire Terrogheist caused hacov in the orc and ogre lines. Our third loss, but one of the best games of the weekend

First turn charge!
Another hat attack
Onto the final game of the weekend, which turned out to be Battle for the Pass. Against 'The Tavern Bashers' a dwarf and High Elf alliance. Things didnt look good as we knew we would have to run almost the length of the table into the guns and arrows of Steven and Robert's force.

Our first turn sprint into the guns
After watching the Mournfang and Ironblaster turn and run in turn one, we thought it was all over and we wouldnt get our 2nd win of the weekend, but after they rallied immediately and the savage orcs smashed straight through the defensive line, the weekend ended in a reverse of how it started as we wiped out them out and got our 2nd victory.

The aftermath. Only two small units of Savage Orcs, 2 chariots (int he trees top left) and the Ironblaster are left
Final hat of the weekend
And so it was all over, we were knackered, hoarse and ready for a lie down, but had enjoyed a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.
We finished in 62nd position out of 122 pairs, with 2 wins and 3 losses, 2 of which were very close. We'll be back sometime next year with a new army and will hope to finish in an better position.
I'll leave you with some of the units from some of the entries for best army and the winner of best army list...

Angry Birds?




Down in front!

Shield wall




Fly my pretties
Zen Ogre

Open wide!
Oh yeah and some people were playing a massive game of Warmaster...

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