Sunday, 11 November 2012

Light the Torches and Fetch my Pitchfork!!

Maelstrom Games Ltd. has ceased trading and will enter liquidation at some point over the next few months. "

So it's finally official, Maelstrom are going belly up! I've an outstanding order that I've entered for a "non received goods" dispute but I'm not expecting much off that any time soon.
They've also started a new (VERY SIMILAR LOOKING!) company called Eye of the Storm. How they expect anyone to trust or support that I really don't know.
It also seems the owner of "Mierce Miniatures" was the owner of Maelstrom and some are saying the money pumped into this venture is the money that SHOULD have been going to their suppliers.

I just need to figure out my campaign of hate or if anyone knows of a good hate bandwagon I can jump on, let me know!

The Monster is dead, lets make sure it stays that way!


  1. I have an outstanding order i doubt i will see either the good or a refund unless my credit card company take it on.

    Other than that, have nothing to do with the 'pheonix project' eye of the shit storm. what they have done isn't illegal, just not cricket.


  2. I'm lucky that I didn't have anything outstanding when Maelstrom folded. Hope you get satisfaction from them Lordy.

    Eye of the Storm is what they call their tournament venue (I was there at the end of last month for a Warmaster Ancients tournament - needless to say, I won the coveted last place trophy).

    Not sure if they are going to concentrate on the venue side of things, or make it into Maelstrom v2.0 though. The shelves in the shop there were pretty bare.

    If you are looking to prosecute a campaign of hate, you could consider looking into some of the Wyrd Miniatures/Malifaux forums. Wyrd put a scathing condemnation of Maelstrom on their blog for building up unsustainable debt with them, I believe. It's like a wargaming credit crunch!

  3. Just for the record, I got my money back through a Paypal dispute! Yayyyy!