Tuesday, 11 December 2012

2012 Year in Review

Its not quite the end of the year yet, but here's a quick review of what The Lone Wolves got up to in 2012.

What will it be remembered for most?
I would say it was the year we really embraced war games outside of the confines of the worlds of Games Workshop. We have dabbled in Saga, Warmachine, Flames of War, Bolt Action, Wings of War to name but a few and have already started looking at Battlegroup Kursk, Dystopian Legions and Muskets and Tomahawks... will we ever learn!

So here we go, kicking off with...


January saw us all hastily finishing off 2011's projects, I finished my Necrons and my Savage Orcs, Elliot finished his Ogre Thundertusk.
We were getting ready for version 3 of Flames of War, and Simon was building, well, buildings.


February saw us begin the short lived Blood in the Badlands Warhammer campaign, with many of us painting up new units and characters especially for it.


In March I continued to knock out Vampire Counts models at a break neck speed, and Zed explained why we are the home of Gaming Tourettes


April saw Big Papa give his wife a kicking ina game of Mighty Monsters, Elliot got a new painting bureau, later renamed the 'bureau de change' when a range of gift cards were found hidden inside. The Blood Bowl final took place and most significantly some of us went to Salute


In May Simon painted lots of Space Marines and then took some really bad photos of them for us all to see. Elliot finished painting his Ogres and we got ready for our first games of Saga


June saw me finish painting my Dark Eldar, everyone started paiting their Saga stuff and Neil began sculpting Mangler Squig, I wonder how that's working out for him?


July was a frenzy of modelling and painting, I painted Flames of War Americans, Big papa built some Saga stuff, Elliot started Skaven and Frazer painted Imperial Guard Valkyries.
Oh and there was an epidemic of hair loss


As summer came (allegedly), my Flames of War Americans were done, Neil painted the buildings Simon had made 7 months earlier and Elliot and I had a go at Warmachine.


In September, we started to get ready for Bolt Action, to prepare Frazer and Dave saw some real tanks.
Elliot continued with his Skaven and Neil painted more buildings.


In October I 'finished' my Bolt Action Germans (who was I kidding) as Frazer added more to his Brits. Neil headed East for buildings and we started looking for more gamers to join our ranks.


In November Maelstrom Games went under, we got a few cheap bargains and our Credit Card companies tried to get our money back
Elliot and I went to the Warhammer Doubles in Nottingham whilst Neil and Frazer got ready for Battlegroup Kursk


Decembers not done yet, but so far this month we have played a lot of Bolt Action and have been getting ready for next year.

What does 2013 hold for us? Well more new games, mainly small size skirmish games like Dystopian Legions, Pirates, Wild West. Maybe a drop in scale to 15mm for some eras.
What ever it is there will be lots of games and not enough time.

Let us know what you thought of 2012, what you did and what you hope to do next year.

Have a great Christmas and an awesome new year

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