Wednesday, 26 December 2012

New Year Resolution Time

Its that time of the year again, time to make those hobby related new years resolutions.

I have a good idea of what I would like to achieve next year, but first, lets see, and analyse, what I said last year...

2011 has been very successful for me in the painting department, and I plan to continue this through 2012. I hope to finish what I've already got and limit purchases to filling the gaps in my current armies rather than starting new ones. Ok, I have almost painted what I already had, My Warhammer Savage Orcs and Vampire Counts are fully painted, my Lizardmen still have a dozen cold one riders and a carnosaur to do. 40k wise, my Necrons and Dark Eldar are finished, and my Chaos would have been, had the new 40k and new Chaos Codex not come out; only a few cultists and a Helbrute to finish. As for purchases, less said about that the better!

2012 has come a little early for me, but not as early as some, so I hope to play more FoW and WW28mm games. I'd like to attend some local tournaments ( hopefully not on my own) and am looking forward to our Warhammer campaign, the eventual appearance to 40k 6th edition and the continued fun of Wednesdays nights. I have played some Flames of War, but no where near enough, I do have a fully painted 2000pt American army though. WW28mm (Bolt Action) has taken off and again I have an almost full painted 1500 points of Germans. Elliot and I did attend a tournament, and although 6th edition 40k did arrive, it didnt have the impact most of us would have predicted.

This brings us to 2013, and my resolutions, so here goes...

1: Finish painting stuff I have; in this order: 40k Chaos, Bolt Action Germans and then Saga Skraeling. After that I hope to start on my Nurgle Blood Bowl team, before starting anything else.

2: Start some skirmish games and get small forces for these rules systems; namely: Musket And Tomahawk, Dystopian Legions and Force on Force.

3: Play at least one game of 40k and one game of Warhammer every month, leaving the other Wednesdays for other games. I still like playing these GW games and dont want them to slip away, after all I've spent a lot of money on them over the years.This may see smaller games being played, maybe 1000pt games, who knows might even fit two games in a night, if we get a move on.

4: Would like to play more campaigns, even if they are just between me and one other person doing a simple campaign tree over a number of months. Something to spice up the gaming night, a step away from the 'one off' games.

I'll leave it at just those four, otherwise its going to get messy when I read these back this time next year.

So what have you got planned for 2013, what are you going to hope to play or collect? Let us know in the comments section.

Anyway have a good new year and see you on the other side....


  1. I'll try a 4 point plan as well, along your lines

    1) Finish what I have. Ok, maybe not everything! Bolt action Soviets and BGK additions are high on the list and achievable. After that Celts and Napoleonics, see 2)

    2) Not start anything new (bound to get sucked in somewhere!). Start something old, as in playing ancient/medieval games at last. Ruleset remains a slight mystery but I reckon start with WAB and see who's up for it! Some Middle Earth gaming would be good too. WOTR being likely, possibly in a smaller scale.

    3)Play WFB (and the odd game of 40K) with Binx (and others!) at least once a month. Bigger games the better for me! Possibly multi week events, not necessarily multi player

    4)Campaigns, linked games, tree campaigns, all for it! This could even be where 40K comes back into play. I'm still planning some kind of WW2 tracker where each game, whatever system, whoever plays, feeds into it. I think just a map of Europe with an Eastern and Western front, some red string and pins would do it. More on that some other time!

    See how that lot pans put in 12 months!