Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Dead Mans Hand Desperados

Happy 2014!

I finished my Dead Mans Hand Desperados in 2013, but after an issue with the varnish leaving a nice white dust on the figures I had to do a little repair job. Luckily after some Googling I found it to be as easy as another coat of varnish once the original coat had had time to cure. It wasn't perfect and needed a tiny bit of repainting, but they are done.

As a club, 2014 is looking to be the year of the campaign, and so with that I have added a bit of background to my gang.

First up are Richard Griffon Senior, Richard Griffon and Richard Griffon III, they are the owners of the hardware store in our Lone Wolves wild west town. The Griffon's were never a violent family and spent most of their time in their store selling everything from buckets to rope to the local town folk; that was until Richard Griffon Senior's second son came to town.

Richard, Richard II and Richard III

Eddie Folklund, Richard's illegitimate son, returned to see his father 18 months ago, and changed his life forever. Knowing that the community finding out that he had had a son with a hooker from a neighbouring town would ruin his business, Eddie forced Richard, and by association, his Son and Grandson into helping Eddie and his new partner in crime 'Fossarius' with a new business of their own.

Eddie and 'Fossarius'

It wasn't just one son returning to his father on that day that convinced Richard to risk everything in the name of keeping his name clean, two days after agreeing to help Eddie, he had another surprise when he learnt that nine months after that one night of passion, it was not one son that he fathered but six!

Richard now had to also deal with George, Stanley, John, Louis and Carlos, his life would never be the same again.

George, Stanley, John, Louis and Carlos

What will the future bring for this bunch of Desperados as conflict comes to town during 2014...

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