Monday, 21 April 2014

Chain of Command - British Infantry v Panzergrenadiers *Updated*

Si and I decided to have a game of Chain of Command.  Both of our platoons have been completed  and I hadn't played with my Germans yet.

We decided to play attack and defend, the British morale was 10 v the untested 8 of the Panzergrenadiers.

The Patrol phase was aggressive and saw the British with their jump off points very close or on the table edge.

Si advances a British section  up the road with the 2" mortar  dropping some smoke to cover them

Despite the British getting the first phase the Germans had a solid defence with four rolls of double 6.  This allowed two squads to get into a good position and pour fire from their MG42's into the British struggling through the woods.
The second section moves up through the woods but start to take fire from the Panzergrenadiers defending the hamlet.
Behind the smoke the British have kindly fired the second squad advances into the building near the checkpoint

 Taking fire from the house the British section take cover in the hedgerow and wait for orders

With the reserve section advancing the AEC starts providing fire with its cannon

I commit my final squad and attempt to put sufficient fire into the treeline to make crossing the road an medal winning effort.

 The panzerfaust was out of range and the first of shot from the Panzershrek team missed but the armoured car didn't take the hint and was knocked out on the third attempt

Suddenly overconfident I fail to keep the second squad moving and decide to engage targets where I am

The infantry gun team deploy and fire into the woods the British are close to being pinned

At this point Si decides to concede the game and we shake hands.  Then Neil says that Si could win and he rolls to see what the next phase would of held.  Double 6!  He unshakes hands.

The Vickers MG arrives and pours fire into the building and with a chain of command dice does it again in my phase before I can take care of the British firepower.  Extra shots, longer range and cover reduction sees the casualties and shock mount.  Pinned!
 The success of the Vickers team allows the British to redeploy and the squad 3 is suddenly pinned down too...

The Germans have gone from commanding the battlefield to being in serious trouble.  Twice they nearly pinned the British squads down but the two senior leaders kept removing shock.  Conversely the single senior leader of the Germans meant he couldn't be everywhere at once.  Si has the upper hand but the German morale has only dropped from 8 to 6 while the British is 5 from 10.  The section corporals are all very lead from the front and have paid for it...

We decided to play on next week and left the table set up

Week two Update

The game finished quickly the following week.  The German squad on the right broke and routed and so did the British section in the woods.  Unfortunately the British were close to the table edge and routed off and the following morale rolls broke them

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