Saturday, 6 December 2014

Wednesday War - Mordheim & 40k

This Wednesday we had two games on the go, ND Matt and Neil played 40k, whilst Chris and Simon returned to a classic and had a game of Mordheim.

The table was set up, using all the ruined buildings that Simon had built and Neil had painted. Simon has a few more to finish off, and a massive wizards tower which we can add to the next game.

We had two games, in the first Chris's Sisters of Sigmar had to breakthrough Simons Skaven. In this picture the Sisters take cover behind a wall as the rat men watch them from a nearby building.

Simon's Skaven occupy the high ground, but when going for a diving charge, fluffed the initiative test and broke his neck.

Game two was a traditional skirmish, with a dust up happening in the grave yard. The Skaven were again beaten, mainly down to the worst dice rolling known to man by Simon!
Despite a horrific night of bad dice for one of us, we both agreed it was great to get Mordheim going again and even convinced Elliot to look into a gang for a campaign we'll run some time next year.
On the other table ND Matt borrowed Neil's Imperial Guard, to take on Neil and his Eldar. So engrossed I didn't manage to get many pictures, well only one!
The game ended in a win for Neil with the Imperial Guard seemingly spending more time wandering around the board, than actually engaging the Eldar in combat...

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