Sunday, 8 March 2015

Hobby Round up Week 10

Welcome to another visual feast of hobby updates!
First up we have some Wolf Guard from Frazer. Many years ago, we created a squad of Space Wolves converted to look like members of the club. Back then we were all in power armour, but now after taking part in many battles, the most decorated of us are being immortalised in Tactical Dreadnought Armour.
First up are Si, Neil and Dave.
Next from Frazer's work in progress pile is some Dropzone Commander vehicles that he is painting for Dave. As you can see they are resplendent in an urban camo scheme
Simon is next and contrary to the photos he is not a hobby vampire, just appears to prefer taking photos in the dark!
First we have some more Space Wolves, this time for his personal force.
Simon is our resident Bob the Builder, helping out those of the club who are unable to or prefer not to build their own figures.
This week he has been helping out Next Door Matt by constructing his Forge Fiend. He has gone the who hog by magnetising the head and weapons.

Neil, with a bit more time on his hands at the moment, has been working on some Avatars of War Corrupters, which are lovely models but a beast to glue together.

He has done a test scheme on one of them, using a white undercoat and a selection of different inks. For the observant of you, no that isn't the original head, but in fact a Heresy miniatures Blight head.

Oh and he also drew a face on a sqush... say hello to Sidney...
Finally this week, Chris has finished his first 10 Martians from Mantic Game's Mars Attacks game. He will go back to some of the bases in the future and add some trash, with ideas of how to do discarded fizzy pop cans top of his agenda.

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