Thursday, 14 July 2016

Introducing the Wolfs

Rune Priest Bjornsson had been tasked by Lord Ragnar himself with consolidating the Imperial hold on Vogen.

“Floki….Sigemund, are the men ready?” Sigfast knew they would be but in the battle barge’s war room protocols needed to be followed.
“The blood claws are chomping at the bit priest” announced Floki with a grin on his face, “they are ready to blood the new recruits”
“Intel shows it may not be as easy as we thought Lord Bjornsson” a call came from the banks of screens just outside the war room doors.
“Show me” Sigfast bellowed as he moved over to the holotable, the main city had the standard green hue with the populated areas showing up slightly white with the mass of the population, then as they looked areas started to show red area’s which grew in size. They knew of the Chaos Horde which had been left behind in hiding after the last war but this was new.
“What are we looking at?” Sigemund called, a serf came in with a data slate and handed it to the Wolf Guard………..” Tyranids!!!”
“Fleet wide access protocol” the Rune Priest said in a calm yet booming voice, “This is Sigfast Bjornsson, ready the assault craft, war is upon Vogen and we have been tasked by our Lord Blackmane to take it to the Chaos filth, now we have alien scum wanting to taste our wrath” they could hear his voice across the entire fleet as if he was stood next to each and every one of them “For Russ and The All Farther let them wish they had left this planet alone”

……..The Hunt was about to begin.

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