Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Wolfs Return

Wow it's been a while since we/me/any of us posted properly on here but with the kick off of a new 40k campaign it seems to have sparked a resurgence in blogging.

As much as I normally always use my Crimson Fists for campaigns I've alsways had a love for the Space Wolfs so decided I'd get back to my small army (arond 2k when finished).

So here is my WIP....Rune Priest Sigfast Bjornsson

The basic model is coming from the standard Space Marine Librarian mainly becasue I think it's awesome.....with some little tweaks here and there I'm hoping to wolfy him up enough.

I've replaced the lower leg with a lower leg from a standard wolf leg as this has some runes already on it.
I've also been using the Space Wolf accessory kit for a change of head and a wolf totem for the head of the staff so far, I'll possibly be getting some aid from Big Papa (if he's up for it) for a few more fidely bits.

More pics to follow as he gets done.

p.s. if there are spelling mistakes........tough!!!

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