Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Say Hello to the Boyz

As the weirdboy's muttering died away so did the green, electrical energy that was popping through the air. After coughing up a large gobbet of phlegm the wizened old weirdboy turned to his Warboss that was looming nearby.
"Boyz sez theres a fight brewin' back on Khai-Zann, sum city named..."

"VOGEN!!!", the red eyes of the Warboss glinted.

"..err, yeah. Boyz sez there's beakies all over and...."

"Oi, Kaptin, turn this crate around!"
Warboss Uzgut Foulbowel, Grand Overlord of the Kyn Shm system, turned to face the greenskin throng that had assembled on the command deck of the Killkroozer...
"Boyz, we'z goin' back to Vogen!!"

A raucous "WAAAGHHHH" echoed around the large chamber only to drowned out by the noise of the kroozer's massive engines firing up....

Uzgut FoulBowel, Grand Warlord of the Kyn Shm System

Warlord Uzgut and his most trusted advisors / drinking buddies

 (if you look carefully you can see two of the most recently conquered planets in the background!)

Big Mek Dofnutz

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