Thursday, 12 February 2009

Challenge Cup Wk 8

The final week of the Season kicked off this week and the excitement was there right up until the final whistle
Boomtown (1) 1 VS The Orcago Boars (1) 3

The Boomtown head coach was otherwise engaged coughing up his guts so they were led onto the field by the Stirland Blitz coach instead.

Confounded by mixed emotions the Blitz head coach wanted to do well for the Rats but knew a heavy loss and a win or draw by the Blackfire Pass Thunderers would mean that his team would meet the dwarfs in the final who they had beaten 2 weeks prior.

The game kicked off and the Rats received but not before a thrown rock from the crowd stunned one of the Orcs blitzers who hit the turf and left a gaping hole in their defence.

After a fumbled attempt to pick up the ball the skaven eventually gather the ball and with minimal effort soon had the 1st score.

This was the end of the good tidings and things began to take a turn for the worst as every hit from the Orcs caused a Rat to either enter the mortury or try and recover from being knocked unconcious.

As the Skavens numbers began to deplete the Orcs managed to scrape an equilizer before the half.

The 2nd half began the same way asthe 1st except it was the Rats who were hit by a flying rock. Already depleted in numbers the Orcs made short work of the Rats and marched down the field to take the lead early in the 2nd half

With only a handful of players and a Blitz by the Orcs things went from bad to worse, the ball again was poached by the greenskins and despite unending efforts by the Rats including a mass dodging and Long bomb effort there was nothing the depleting nyumbers could do and a 3rd socre was inevitable.

With Boomtown taking a 3-1 beating the door was wide open for the Blackfire Pass Thunderers

Blackfire Pass Thunderers (0) VS The Coffin Dodgers (0) 1

Knowing that they had to win to have any chance to get to the final the Dwarfs pulled out all the stops and little did they know when the game began how close they came to the final

The Dwarfs received and a 1st dice roll of double skull was a great start to an unlucky dice rolling game.

After desposing both of the Mummies the Dwarfs attempted to make headway into the Undeads half, it began well but ended up in a mess in the middle with both teams fighting for postion.

Eventually the dwarfs broke free and with time running out they had a chance of taking the lead only for their luck to strike again, a go for it roll was all it needed byt the dreaded 1 reared its head and the half ended 0-0

The 2nd half was more of the same and as the rain continued to fall heavily both teams found it hard to hold on to the ball, each team made efforts to take the lead, the Undead knew this was their last chance to win a game this season.

As the 2nd half dragged on news of the Rats of Boomtowns loss reached the stadium and the fans began to cheer as they knew a 0-0 draw would see them reach the final.

As the bearded players began to realise the could make the big game the undead took advantage of the slip in concentration and broke free with the ball towards the endzone.

As time ran out the Undead scored a last second winner, emotions ran high in the stadium, the Undead overjoyed with their 1st win and the dwarfs heart broken knowing they were only seconds from making the final.

Boh teams must consolidate their losses and get ready for the All Star game next week.


  1. Allllllll shallllllllll dieeeeeeee!

    Although not til next season at least!

  2. all shall have a proper scoring system!

  3. Next year we'll implement the 3/1/0 system as well as a host of other stuff ;o)